The Most Common Frequently Asked Questions We Receive Can Be Found Here

As a leading foundation contractor in the industry in Queens, NY, we know that you may have some questions regarding our services, such as structural services, demolition services, foundation services, excavation services, shoring, and more. To help address your concerns, we’ve compiled this helpful FAQ page that handles common inquiries about our services.

Q: What does a foundation repair specialist do?

A: A base repair specialist is an expert in addressing issues related to building foundations. These professionals assess damage and structural weaknesses in foundations and recommend appropriate repairs or preventative measures to ensure the stability and safety of structures built on them.

Q: How much does base repair cost?

A: The cost of base repair varies depending on multiple factors, including the type of problem being addressed, the extent of the damage, the location of the property, and the complexity of resolving the issue, among others. The best way to get a precise estimate for your needs is by scheduling an initial consultation with one of our experienced professionals, who will thoroughly assess your situation.

Q: When should I call for a foundation inspection and repair service?

A: If you notice signs of potential issues with your home’s foundation, such as cracks in walls or flooring that widen over time; sloping floors; doors or windows sticking; gaps between walls/ceilings/floors at corners; standing water around crawl spaces/basement – it might be time to seek professional help from a reliable partner like us.

Q: Can all types of foundation damage be repaired?

A: Most foundation problems can be repaired through proven methods by experienced specialists like ours. However, extreme damage may warrant replacement/substantial reconstruction efforts, which generally come at higher costs than traditional repairs alone would entail.

Q: Are new construction foundation contractors distinct from companies offering only repair services?

A: Yes, indeed! While many companies specialize solely in either providing new constructions/addition projects where foundational work is required or focusing on repairing existing ones – A.A.Z Enterprise Corp. prides itself as one-stop-shop experts catering to all possible types of jobs involving base repair or new construction, ensuring consistency in quality across every aspect.

Q: what is the turnaround time to complete a foundation repair project?

A: The time frame for completing a base repair project varies depending on the scale and severity of the issue being addressed and external variables like weather conditions and availability of necessary materials. However, our expert team works diligently, intending to provide swift yet effective results within reasonable timelines- usually lasting anywhere between a few days to a couple of weeks in most cases.

Q: Can I handle base repair issues as a DIY project instead?

A: We strongly recommend against attempting such tasks without the required knowledge base or professional skills due to their high-risk nature; non-experts’ efforts often exacerbate conditions further instead of remedying them effectively, resulting in potential safety hazards down the line besides significantly higher repairing charges later on once professionals step in finally handling same challenges anyway overall.

Are the explanations on this FAQ page helpful? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at (917) 447-3284 if you have any more questions regarding the respected contractor we recommend for Queens, NY and the neighborhood. For assistance, you can rely on A.A.Z Enterprise Corp.! Naturally, we appreciate your inquiry.