Foundation Inspection and Repair Tips

Warning Signs of Foundation Problems

A sinking house can become a real money pit fast. That is why it pays off to proactively address any foundation problems before they become an even bigger issue. Some signs of a bad foundation will be obvious while other issues require further investigation. From cracks in the walls to bouncy floors, foundation problems are sometimes evident, if you know what to look for. This is where our foundation inspection and repair post comes into play.

Exterior Wall Cracks

It’s not unusual to see hairline cracks in exterior walls, and most times these cracks are nothing to worry about. That being said, if there is a zigzag pattern, the cracks are large or the foundation appears to be sticking, then this is evidence of a much bigger problem.

Interior Wall Cracks

As with exterior walls, cracks in interior walls can be innocuous. Drywall especially isn’t the strongest material and can often be affected by plumbing issues, humidity, and more, however, these concerns can be easier to address than dealing with foundation issues. Alternatively, if the walls are crumbling, sagging, or bowing, those are all signs that the problem is coming from the foundations. Diagonal cracks and cracks that run along the floor or ceiling are also signs of foundation issues.

Bouncing Floors

Floorboards that are starting to squeak, sag, or bounce could be warning signs of foundation issues. At the very least, these do warrant an inspection. With finished floors, bouncing may mean that the foundation has settled or the structural beams have rotted. With concrete slab floors especially in basements or crawl spaces, make sure to check for any large cracks.

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